I have the DC in jack problem on my Sattelite P15 but see no dissasembly instructions for it. When I re-solder the jack, I usually test it before I put inside the laptop. You can try one more thing. So in your expert opinion would you think its the motherboard connection or a bad lcd? Oh, the adapter is fine, its a kensington universal watt. Looks like it must be the top part that has pulled away from the board. He decided to play repairman and toasted it somehow.

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If memory is fine, then you might have a problem with the system board. I reseated the connectors from the lcd ribbon and the lcd inverter first but the problem persisted. I have since hooked up an external monitor and rebooted the machine, but toshiba m35x s149 image on the external monitor disappears after Windows XP starts toshiba m35x s149 boot up. When it was in with them they only repaired the DC jack socket on the motherboard, they said m35xx bring it in and they will have another look and fit a new DC Jack connection.

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Your laptop might not start up because toshiba m35x s149 the following mistakes: Hi Dave, There are two system boards toshiba m35x s149 for your laptop: If you have 2 memory modules installed try removing them one by one and run the restore with only one module installed. Try it first before you ordered any parts. There are a few boards for ZV, it depends of the tosyiba of your laptop.

Just recently I had a similar issue with Satellite P The other day my laptop s194 toshiba m35x s149 turn restart all by itself. I too have the Fujitsu lifebook S and have the exact same problem. The jack seemed to be working perfectly, but the battery would not charge.

Toshiba Power Cords

I would try reseating the video cable on the motherboard before buying a new inverter. Try to remove the Wi-Fi card and see if it makes any changes.

If I unplug the fl otshiba and plug it back in the backlight comes back for a couple secs and goes out. If I use a flashlight and point it at the screen I toshiba m35x s149 see windows barely, and the external monitor hookup works just fine too. After that you just connect the enclosure to a working toshiba m35x s149 and it will detect a new drive automatically.

The scomputer will loose power if i move the toshiba m35x s149 jack even tosbiba it is running on battery power. Any other suggestions would be great too!

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem

Read through them and I think you will be able to replace the FL toshiba m35x s149 board on your Toshiga notebook yourself. Usually you can see the difference only on startup when the background is black, until the image appears.

On a149 whim I tried to see if this behavior repeated itself during the memtest, and I found that toshiba m35x s149 did not. We have the A75 toshiba m35x s149 after a year sent it in to Toshiba and had he motherboard either repaired or they replaced it for this DC power jack problem.

What I mean is that the laptop boots up good and I can login. Is it the inverter?

Is my screen givign out? There are NO peripherals or cables connected to the machine. Changes to some of the settings will require re-starting toshiba m35x s149 computer. Then there was no problem.

In my country I used to open toshiba m35x s149 fix some parts. It is possible that the LCD lid close switch is causing the problem. I have no experience to open laptop, but I want to try it.

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Hey Lauren, I have seen it many times. I have never seen that a bad FL inverter is causing the toshiba m35x s149 like yours. David, Sounds like the LCD screen problem or the video cable problem.